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First SimplyOK Live Event

Improve allergen management
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On the 12th of November 2021 the first SimplyOK Allergen Management Symposium will take place.
During this 2 hour event for Food Industry, Food Retail and Certification Bodies you will be fully updated on the latest international developments in allergen management.
Despite of all efforts during the last decade on food safety, allergen related recalls are still rising. What can we learn and improve to reduce incidents and build strong brands?

This event will focus on the key elements of allergen management and provide tools for private label owners and retail. Also the impact of SimplyOK certification as next level in food safety will be discussed.



Opening by chairman

Benjamin C. Remington, PhD


Overview on international developments in allergen management

Benjamin C. Remington, PhD

Update on recent developments with a focus on:

  1. the request from Codex for an Ad hoc Joint FAO/WHO Expert Consultation on Risk Assessment of Food Allergens,
  2. differing precautionary allergen labelling (PAL) strategies starting to appear across countries & their (unintended) consequences,
  3. other updates regarding allergen legislation.


Recall reduction and allergen labelling of private label products

Case story retailer (to be confirmed)


Developments in SimplyOK allergen management certification. A new risk based modular approach (RIA)

Jules Rojer

The Foundation SimplyOK is together with stakeholders exploring a totally new strategy to apply the SimplyOK certification scheme: Allergen Risk Assessment (RIA). A modular risk-based approach that will be explained during this presentation.


Impact of SimplyOK certification – differences with GSFI recognised schemes and next level in food safety

Jisvi Schreuder

Organizations that pursue SimplyOK certification will meet new challenges for their allergen management system. What are those challenges? And how does the SimplyOK certification process work in practice? A lot of organizations that already have a GFSI approved food safety certification expect that they are probably also ready for SimplyOK certification. Are those expectations correct? Certification is often considered as an obligation for doing business. What do organizations that have SimplyOK certification think is beneficial for their food safety management system?




Closure event

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Benjamin C. Remington

Benjamin C. Remington, PhD

Managing Director Remington Consulting Group B.V.

Dr. Remington is an independent food allergy and allergen consultant based out of Utrecht in the Netherlands. His work is focused on development and application of knowledge surrounding food allergen risk assessment, food allergen thresholds and risk management strategies. He has extensive international experience for collaborative projects regarding data generation, data analysis, and communication of results for multiple stakeholders, including food business operators, governmental agencies, healthcare providers, and individuals with food hypersensitivities.

In addition to his consulting business, Dr. Remington holds an appointment as an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the University of Nebraska Food Allergy Research and Resource Program (FARRP). He sits on multiple international food allergen expert groups, including the Ad hoc Joint FAO/WHO Expert Consultation on Risk Assessment of Food Allergens and is currently the chair of ILSI Europe Expert Group on Allergen Quantitative Risk Assessment.

Jules Rojer

Jules Rojer

Owner Buro Food QA

Jules Rojer is an independent food safety consultant based in Houten in the Netherlands. He works for several Dutch and international Food and Feed Safety Management System scheme owners. His focus area is the modernisation of food safety management systems with special interest for small producers and the use of IT support. With his wide-ranging experience in the food industry, he has extensive knowledge of numerous aspects of the food business and food safety and quality standards.

Jisvi Schreuder

Jisvi Schreuder

Lloyd’s Register Nederland B.V.
Senior Trainer Consultant Training & Improvement Services

Jisvi Schreuder has worked in the dairy and beverages industry in several QC, QA and Operations related jobs. During this period he has specialized in quality management, operations management, certification, food safety, food law & legislation issues and environmental issues.
He joined LRQA in 2009 and worked as auditor for a broad range of quality and food safety related standards, perfoming BRC food and packaging, IFS, FSSC, ISO 9001, ISO 22000, Dutch HACCP and Codex Alimentarius audits. He was responsible for technical management of several large client accounts and started to provide training for LRQA in 2014, where training topics have included quality management, Lead Assessor skills, food & food packaging safety, internal/supplier audit skills, knowledge and implementation of quality and food safety standards, validation/verification.